Oracle for climate and environmental data

Geospatial data and analytics for Web3


Get reliable up-to-date data from satellite sensors to power your defi products. From climate data to vegetative indices and hazards.


Get environmental information from our AI powered analytics engine. Use geospatial intelligence to trigger for your hybrid smart contracts.


Get online tools that make it easier to build decentralized applications based on geospatial data. Tools for both developers and projects.


We provide the
 data and tools to innovate on Web3

Build decentralized apps that leverage satellite data and cutting-edge analytics. We provide the data and tools needed to build real-world decentralized applications.


Data to build sustainable solutions!

Use our data and tools to reimagine the world and build your DeFi solution. Whether it is in insurance, environmental stewardship, or financial markets.

Crop Insurance

Create new kinds of crop insurance products driven by a wide variety of environmental indices. From weather parameters such as rainfall and temperature, to others like soil moisture and vegetative indices.

Environmental Stewardship

Leverage the power of DeFi to drive environmental conservation initiatives. Create all kinds of smart contracts in the areas of environmental conservation and climate change mitigation.

Financial Products

Build the next generation of financial products for the agricultural and environmental fields. Innovate using the power of earth-observation data and AI to create new DeFi products for the market.

DeFi Tools for Developers

Leverage our developer-friendly tools to build smart contracts that use geospatial data. Generate smart contract boilerplate code for onboarding specific geospatial data into your application.


DeFi Tools for Projects

Leverage our geospatial data and analytics oracle in the backend of your decentralized ESG project. We work closely with project teams to integrate geospatial anlaytics into their decentralized applications.

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